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Welcome to Solihull Dabbawala Ltd

Solihull Dabbawala Ltd was established in March 2017, which was inspired by the hereditary path of the grandparents (Mrs.Rajammal, Mr. Sivaramakrishna iyer), palakkad brahmins, who owned a food mess in Pudukottai during 1930’s. It was called “Sivaramakrishna mess”, well known for its great food and service, especially to the freedom fighters.

Solihull Dabbawala Ltd was intend to start serving the freshly prepared Home cooked food especially to expatriates who are missing back home food. 


Mrs. Dharani Sidharth who have the natural inheritance of cooking skills from her grand mum, additionally qualified as a food professional dietitian/nutritionist, who prepares the food in a proper way of conserving the natural nutrients with out adding any additives or artificial flavors. This resulted, immense support and extended welcome from the Asian communities in and around Birmingham/Solihull. 

We have expanded the catering services to individuals, families, parties (house warming, Upanayana, birthday and marriages), market events in high streets!

A healthy diet is a solution to many of our health-care problems. It's the most important solution.

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